Future Projects

Despite trying to keep my attention on only one long project, my novel Faeblood, I can’t help but keep thinking up new exciting projects that I want to bring to life one day. Once I’m past the rough drafting stage for Faeblood, I might consider working on one of these while I work on editing it.

Escape (working title) is going to be a standalone fantasy novel set somewhere in the Wexlan Empire, possibly at an earlier point in history than when Faeblood takes place, perhaps even before the empire is fully formed. I have actually gotten a good ways into a rough draft for this novel before, and spent several years working on it, alternating between it and Faeblood. The one major issue holding me back from making real progress forward despite all of the time that I spent on it was that I didn’t know where I needed the plot to go, or how I wanted the story to end. When I return to this project, I plan to spend a decent chunk of time plotting out the major moments in the story, so that I actually have a road map to follow when I return to actually writing it.

The idea for Escape came from a short story challenge on the writing website Jottify (a site that no longer exists). The challenge was to write a story under a thousand words about winter. I wrote Flight, a story about a girl fleeing from a pursuer in a snowy forest, who meets a stranger who recognizes her, and aids her in her escape by using a magic teleportation spell. My fellow Jotters loved the story, and several really encouraged me to build on it and write a longer story with the characters. And so Flight became the prologue for my novel Escape, a story set three years after the events of Flight.

I have some strong ideas for what I want to do with this story, and what themes I want to explore in it. I’m going to have a lot of fun writing when I reunite with Azaira and Darenth and explore their story again.

Gothica (working title) is another standalone fantasy novel set in a different area of the Wexlan Empire, at a different point in history. I’ve put far less work and planning into this novel, but I have some strong ideas for it. This story will probably take place later in the history of the empire than Faeblood. The city where Gothica will take place will have some decently advanced steam technology. The protagonist, Larzia, will journey outside of the city to search for a coven of witches, hoping to learn how to do magic from them. Larzia will learn whether the coven will accept her into their circle, and whether it’s even possible for her to learn magic at all.

The Gate in the Forest is going to be a middle grade mystery adventure novel about a group of kids who research and later explore a mysterious abandoned gated mansion in the middle of the forest. Although this story may seem to be more of a contemporary novel at the beginning, there will be fantasy elements in it, especially when the kids learn more about the mansion and its history.

The Bard’s Story is going to be a middle grade fantasy adventure set in a land where society is separated into various groups. Each group has control over a certain type of magic, that they alone can use (e.g. fire magic, ice magic, love magic, story magic…) The protagonist will be the from the Faction of Bards, the group that is able to use story magic, so she will be able to magically tell stories that feel so real that the listeners believe that they’re actually in the story. During the story, she will begin to question why her society is organized the way that it is. The themes that I want to explore in this novel are friendship, arrogance, rivalry, and believing that you are better than others.

Poetry anthologies: I love poetry, will continue writing it, and so I will put out collections of my poetry at some point. I plan to organize them by certain themes, like poems about nature, or fantasy inspired poetry.

Short story anthologies: I have fallen completely in love with flash fiction, and my collection of stories continues to grow. I will most likely also publish collections of my flash fiction based around certain themes.


Hello friend, and welcome to my website. I’m Nicole, captain of this here ship… site… thing. I’d like to think of you as a fellow adventurer through the world of fantasy writing, exploring new worlds and universes through each new story that we discover.

I love storytelling. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child, fueled by a sense of wonder and excitement which each new book that I consumed. I was especially inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings. Other influential books were the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon), Septimus Heap, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Inkheart, The Neverending Story, and Redwall, (although I really could go on, and on…). I also loved movies and TV shows, a.k.a. books on screen. Some favourites over the years have been Pirates of the Caribbean, Once Upon a Time, The Princess Bride, Beauty and the Beast, The Dark Crystal, and more recently Carnival Row, (just to name a few). As I grew older, I discovered video games, and the narrative potential that they hold. One of the series that I absolutely adore is Dragon Age.

I started writing in Grade 7. My teacher had us write an alternative ending to The Hobbit for a language arts project, and I earned 100% on mine, which awoke in me the awareness that I could contribute something to the world of literature for other people to enjoy. The summer between grade 7 and grade 8 I began writing my very first attempt of a novel that involved pirates, elves, and a portal between worlds. My story didn’t go particularly far, but my family and the cousin who I had sleepovers with knew all about my characters and the world that I was creating. In Grade 8, my teacher highly encouraged our class in the art of creative writing, and gave us plenty of class time each week to work on our projects. I worked on a new novel throughout that year about amateur alchemists who were trying to protect their king from getting assassinated. Throughout high school I began writing several different novels, and took the Creative Writing class offered in grade 12. I enrolled in English Literature for university, which exposed me to many different styles and types of stories, and pushed me to broaden my reading tastes and see the value in the narratives of authors who were significantly different from me.

During the start of my time in university, I discovered the website Jottify, which was designed for writers to share their writing with fellow writers and readers. I adored the site, and spent a lot of time on it. It was during this time that I really began to develop an appreciation for short stories and poetry. I read short stories and poetry from other writers, and began to write my own, expanding my writing mindset out from only writing the beginnings of novels. I even took a poetry writing course in university. Unfortunately, after a few years Jottify was no longer maintained by its creator, and much of the community began to switch to blogs on different sites. I also stepped out onto blogging on WordPress. Eventually, what remained of Jottify was taken down and the website no longer exists. I owe so much of my growth as a writer to my Jottify era though, and dearly miss the old site.

After I finished university and began to reflect on my goals for the future, I decided that I was serious about my desire to become a published author, and that I wanted it to become a reality sooner than later. However, I was held back by my inability to continue writing a novel beyond the beginning part of the story. I had lots of ideas, but little focus when it came to figuring out plot, and I had never once known how I had planned to end any of my many novel ideas over the years. Well, during a volunteer trip in my university years, I had met the lovely Janeen Ippolito, fellow author, editor, and owner of her own small publishing company. I reached out to Janeen and made use of her author coaching services to help me figure out how to break past the barriers that had been holding me back, and I began to finally see progress toward my goal.

I am currently writing Faeblood (WIP title likely to change), a YA fantasy novel, and nearly have the rough draft completed. I am a fairly sporadic writer, so progress happens in random bursts, but I am continuing to bound ahead bit by bit. This novel is the first of a duology, and I have already begun figuring some key plot points for the second book. The story is about Nallasha, an artist who has recently graduated and is about to begin her career. Things take an unexpected turn when she discovers a portal while working for her first client, and she finds herself in a place she never believed could be real. Nallasha discovers surprising truths about herself and the world, and learns several important lessons that cause her to grow as a person.

I also have a blog where I’ve been posting short stories and poetry: elderberrytea.wordpress.com. Feel free to have a visit and check out some of my writing on there.

Another notable fact about me is my love for the tabletop role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. I have played as both an adventurer and dungeon master. As dungeon master, I like to write my own campaign for the adventurers, filled with maps, challenges, enemies, and allies that I have designed myself. The game is utterly fantastic, especially since it is mainly a cooperative free-style storytelling game, and anything can happen while playing. Some of our shenanigans may get recorded and adapted into stories…